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Donation Opportunities



Theatre Seats


Donations of $250 are being accepted for the theatre seats. For each donation, a plaque will be placed on the back of a seat recognizing your contribution. The two styles available are:


Please Pray For In Memory of

John & Mary Smith Jane Smith


The plate will be 1 inch by 4 inches and gold with black lettering.  The second line will be up to 25 characters.  We will start tagging the chairs by front row first, basically first come first serve.  Your donation will be added to your Yearly Contribution Receipt.


The proceeds will be used to buy the necessary furnishings for the building: sports equipment, theatre materials, piano, youth room furniture, etc. This is an excellent way for you to remember a loved one and help contribute to the outfitting of our beautiful new building.


Contributions may be made at the Family Life Center Office, the Parish Office, or placed in the collection basket at Mass. Be sure to include the information you want on the plaque.


For more information, call 410-414-9099 or email



Theatre Program Advertising


The Family Life Center is selling advertising on the programs that will be given out for performances in the theater.  We will have 240 programs per event.  We would like for you to purchase a yearly ad but we will have single program prices.  A single ad is for one performance only.  A yearly ad will be for four different performances within a year from payment.


Single Program Advertising


● page ad $30.00

● page ad $60.00

● full page ad $120.00


Yearly Program Advertising


● page ad $100.00

● page ad $200.00

● full page ad $400.00

Mail advertising copy, business card and payment to:   St. John Vianney Family Life Center
                                                                                  105 Vianney Lane
                                                                                   Prince Frederick, MD 20678

For more information, call 410-414-9099 or email



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