Small Miracles

Parish Diary

Fr. Peter Daly

July 14, 2011


Fr. Peter Daly talks about little miracles all around us.


Small miracles are all around us.  Recently they seem to be popping everywhere. They reaffirm my faith in God and in people.

Miracle one happened just today. It was the multiplication of the fish.

A lady in our parish cleans houses for a living. Three of her children have recently lost their jobs and moved back home with her with their children. Now she has 18 mouths to feed in her house.

A man from our parish has been helping her by catching fish to feed her family.

Today he asked if he could take two teenagers from our Catholic Heart Work Camp out fishing. He said it was a service project. I said it sounded more like recreation. He said it would be work.

The youth were not experienced fishermen. They had never fished that river before, since they live in Minnesota and our camp was in Maryland.

They prayed before their trip. Then in a little over two hours, they caught 40 fish. One very three minutes. It was enough to feed all 18 people for a couple of days.

Jesus told his disciples to put out into the deep and ready their nets for a catch.

Miracle two was the oil tank that did not run dry.

We have a man in our parish who has been going through real rough times with a divorce and bankruptcy. He had to retire from his job. Now he works nights at a local motel for minimum wage. It is hardly enough to keep body and soul together. He is losing his house to foreclosure. He couldn't afford oil to heat his water and the oil company won’t give him credit.

When he came to see me, we prayed, “Lord make a way here.”

As it happened the oil burner in our parish center went bad, after 20 years. That very week we decided to replace it with a natural gas furnace. We no longer needed the fuel oil. Our oil tank still had more than 1000 gallons. What to do with the oil? Ah-ha!

Our maintenance man siphoned the oil into a tank mounted on his pick up truck and took it over to our struggling parishioner. It filled his tank. He was so happy that he did a little “happy dance” in his driveway. Now he will have hot water and heat in the cold weather. It was a gift from God, by way of our parish.  

Miracle three was a house. If the Lord does not build the house, in vain do they labor.

A couple of years ago an elderly woman moved to our parish to take care of her dying daughter and her three grandchildren. She sold her house in Michigan and spent her savings on the move to Maryland. But after her daughter died her ex-son-in-law moved on in life and no longer wanted her in his home. Where could she go? She had no house in Michigan. She had no money in the bank.

She applied to the local housing authority. They had a two year waiting list for an apartment in their housing for the elderly. We asked God to make a way.

Less than a month after she applied an apartment opened up. For some reason all the other 20 people on the list ahead of her decided not to take the apartment. So grandma bumped right to top of the list and moved right in. “Movin’ on up to a deluxe apartment.”

These things happen every day.

They are signs of grace and little miracles.