2011 Hospitality Report – Mark Heagy


Bereavement Meals

This is a very organized group of volunteers who prepare meals for the family and guests after funerals.  This ministry is currently be co-chaired by Linda Doleki and Amy Chaffee.  Linda reported that she has plenty of volunteers (approximately 80 women and a few men, and the Boy Scouts) and all of the volunteers continue to find this ministry very rewarding. Linda reported many people volunteer for this ministry after coming to the dinners. Linda reported that serving bowls have been donated, but more serving spoons, linen table cloths, and aprons are needed. Linda Doleki requested $2,000.00 be placed in next year’s budget to cover expenses. 


Newcomer’s Dinner

Patricia and Maurice Erly organize this ministry and they both continue to volunteer their time plus donate most of the financial burden to maintain this ministry.  Patricia Erly reported that two dinners were scheduled this year, but the majority of the invites did not come.  Attendance continues to be an issue as half of the invitees will confirm and usually less than half confirmed to attend actually come to the dinner. Ms. Erly suggested the she mail the invitations and receive the RSVPs. Ms. Erly expressed a follow-up phone call to the invitees increases the likelihood of attendance to the dinners. The Erly’s stated that they donate approximately $500.00 per year to this ministry.


After Mass Hospitality

Linda Hedderman-Ellenes is the head of this ministry with assistance from Ginger Caldwell, Rod Haigwood, Patricia Vallari, and Larry Werfel. The responsibilities include: making sure all supplies are stocked and available for all the Sunday’s masses, maintaining the weekly volunteer calendar for parishioners to sign up to bring donuts, food and drinks, setting up and breaking down tables and organizing the necessary volunteers to help out for each mass. Monetary donations are accepted and the food and drinks are donated. The expense to the church is for the coffee, cups, plates and napkins. Linda stated the monetary donations for the After Mass Hospitality should be placed in a marked envelope and deposited in the church safe after each mass. (A suggestion from last year)



Dave Chadwick is the head of this ministry. The following are responsible for each Mass: Marie Lebark (8am), Dave Chadwick (9:30), Mark Cristo and Don Stockton (11:15am). Responsibilities include greeting parishioners as they enter the church, finding an available seat for those who are searching, making sure that there is enough people to assist with the collection, selecting people to take up the gifts at the offertory, and whatever Father Daly’s needs are before, during, or after mass. Dave reported that Richard “Dickie” Hayes and Russell Robertson volunteer to arrange ushers for the special masses.


Special Events: Providing food for the church clean up day for Easter and Christmas.