September 21, 2010



The meeting was called to order by Larry Robinson at 7:15.



Fr. Daly led the group in prayer and welcomed everyone.  Introduction of members.

Fr. Daly stated that there was a questionnaire in the folders distributed that he wanted completed and returned before next month=s meeting.



Without objection, the minutes of the May 18, 2010, meeting were approved on a motion made by Michael Brooks and seconded by Don Mueller.



The following officers were voted in for 2010-2011: Don Mueller as President,

Mark Drager as Vice President, and Barbara Johnson as Secretary.



Buildings and Grounds - Bruce Brooks (October), Liturgy and Worship/Spiritual Renewal - Jolene Sullens & Fr. Daly (November),  Family Life - Michael Brooks (January), Social Concerns - Ed Kreahling (February), Education - Beth Rodenhaver & Cathy Hogenson (March), Evangelization - Miranda Jarnot (April),  Hospitality - Mark

Heagy (May).




1. Father Daly wants to have a prayer experience as part of Pastoral Council meeting.

2. A Staff Retreat was held with the theme focusing on the pattern of our work: Calling, Forming, and Shepherding.

3. We are hosting Diaconate training classes this year in the Casa Juan Diego Bldg.  There are 8 students including Jim Caldwell and Joe Mills from SJV.  An office has been setup with teleconferencing capability.

4. In July, Fr. Alliata moved in.  Fr. Daly thanked everyone involved in fixing the

house for him especially Bruce and Betsy Brooks for taking the lead.

5. Catholic Charities will probably close in Calvert County.  Fr. Daly has offer space in the Casa Juan Diego Bldg for a part-time Social Counselor that would either be funded by the Calvert Catholic parishes or by Interfaith churches.

6. The ACLT sale of land has been delayed due to permit problems.  Hope to start trail in Spring.  First half mile on our property, then to land sold to ACLT, then to other property all the way to bay.

7. We are now a member of the Chamber of Commerce. First event was held on September 20 at the FLC.  They pay to use our facility.

8. First meeting of the Building Committee (8 members)is scheduled for September 30 to discuss the Vianney Room.  Building Fund money continues coming and now that our mortgage is paid the money goes into savings for the Vianney Room.  Have $170K in bank and are saving 10-12K per month.  May be able to start in the Spring.  Will need to review impact to CCD classes.

9. Fr. Daly has received the contract for the Work Camp for next summer. Fr. Daly stated that if we signed a 3-year contract with the Work Camp, they would fund installing showers in the FLC (3 each bathroom).  After discussions regarding maintenance issues, need for larger hot water tanks, etc. Larry Robinson recommended postponing decision until the next meeting.

10. Fr. Daly said he thought Allie=s talk at Sunday=s mass was very good.  There is a  need with our youth for moral and chastity education.  There is a talk scheduled next week regarding problems such as anorexia and bulimia.

11. Fr. Daly asked for prayers for John and Jean Doran who are very sick.  Also, please pray for all parishioners that are ill.

12. Father announced the deaths of Patricia Hotchkiss and Manya Stoetzel.  


. Vianney Room presentation is being postponed until next month.  Fr. Daly has a CD from the architect to show us.  Discussion on whether building should be all red brick to match other buildings or a mix of field stone and red brick.  Council requested a sketch of both options.  SJV buildings have been converting from oil to natural gas.  The Vianney Room is the only space left to convert.



1. SJV will be hosting Safe Nights Thanksgiving week.  We should only have one week this year.

2.  Charlie Russell who proposed, designed and built the field behind the Vianney Room

and is now liaison with Joann in controlling field, presented a request to install lights on the field.  Would be able to increase use of fields and produce more revenue (presently earning $7K per year).  Initially would set up temporary lights and then evaluate for a permanent installation.  Lights and installation would be no cost to SJV.  After discussion on time used, expenses, increased traffic on church grounds, monitoring field damage, etc., motion was made to go forward with temporary lights on the fields by Larry Donnelly and seconded by Mark Heagy.  Larry Robinson made a motion to amend the motion to going forward with proposal and evaluating in November which was seconded by Ed Krealing.  The Pastoral Council voted in favor of the Amendment.  The Pastoral Council voted on Temporary Lights with evaluation in November and it was unanimously approved.

3. Missy Haskins asked if more benches could be added on the porch outside of church.

Fr. Daly said Buck Ramsey is working on putting up steel trellises for shading and maybe adding new benches.

4. Bill Prochowink, who is the new President of the Financial Council, gave a brief background on his credentials to lead the Financial Council.



1. Bruce Brooks said the Children=s Art Calendar has 180 pictures representing about 60 families.  Printing 600 copies at a cost of $3 each.  Selling for $5 each.

2.  Fr. Daly said he is moving the books from the library in the Parish Center to

the Conference Room in the Church.  We are going to stop cataloging the books and just label by topic.  This will be done in October.  Ed Krealing, Patricia Dellar and

Barbara Johnson will assist him.

3. October is Respect for Life month.  There will be a 40 Days of Life effort at the abortion facility in Greenbelt.  SJV will pray outside the abortion center on Friday afternoons and sign up will be soon.  The ProLife Committee will be meeting Sunday.  SJV plans to hold a ProLife Rally Concert.

4.  Trip to Mexico to visit our Sister Parish is planned on November 3-11 with Fr. Daly, Steve Watson, Tim Ortiz and maybe a couple of others.  Will be deciding on whether or not we want to continue this relationship.  Not much interest since Fr. Hugo died.

5.  World Youth Day with the Pope in Spain will be held in August 2011. Event is Tuesday to Sunday and then spending 5/6 days with a family.  May try to piggyback with St. Mary Rykens or Catholic University.

6.  Fr. Daly said he wanted to take a group to Rome next summer for a study week.  Theme book on idea AWhat is Holiness@.  Also maybe a side trip to Ars.

7.  Fr. Daly reviewed use of equipment and pavilion by groups. They must be responsible for setup and cleaning in additional to leaving equipment in condition found. 

8. Bruce Brooks will be taking pictures of new members after meeting is over.



Fr. Daly thanked Larry Robinson for his 4 years of service (3 as President). There was no further business.  Meeting adjourned at 8:50.