October 19, 2010



Father Daly, Don Mueller, Barbara Johnson, Patricia Dellar, Ed Kreahling, Michael Brooks, Miranda Jarnot, Cathy Hogenson, Beth Rodenhaver, Mark Drager, Maureen Cassidy, Jolene Laura Sullens, Larry Donnelly, Modesto Rivera, Bruce Brooks, Mark Heagy, and Chris Wallmark



The meeting was called to order by Don Mueller (President) at 7:05.



Fr. Daly led the group in prayer and welcomed everyone.



Without objection, the minutes of the September 21, 2010 meeting were approved on a motion made by Modesto Rivera and seconded by Michael Brooks.



1.  Fr. Daly addressed the situation regarding Larry Robinson and the meeting held to answer parishioners= questions.

2.  Fr. Daly asked for prayers for sick parishioners: Jack and Jean Doran, Pete Swann, Linda Sauls, Earl Thorne, Linda Rivera, Ethel Sands and Jeanne Prochownik

3.  There have been several deaths of parishioners including Patricia Hotchkiss, Manya Stoetzel, and Earl Kilpatrick (father of Marty Kilpatrick).

4.  There will be a Parish Work Day on October 23.

5.  There will be a Orphans Thanksgiving Dinner on Thanksgiving Day which will include guest from Safe Nights. 

6.  SJV will host Safe Nights Thanksgiving week.  May host Christmas week also if Jesus Divine Word does not do it.  Will assist them if they host it.

7.  Bill Stanton has stepped down as President of ECHO.  Henry Trenton is the new President.  Fr. Daly has encouraged him to increase bed capacity to 40.  If it does increase, may not need to have Safe Nights in future.

8.  Vendors and Craft Show will be held on November 13.

9.  All Saints mass will be held on Monday, November 1 at 7:30.  Families of deceased will be given candles to place on alter during mass, parishioners can bring photos of deceased family members to display, and there will be a reception after mass with food being provided by Bereavement.

10. Cemetery - All the Columbarium spots for ashes have been sold.  There are still some ground spots available.  Looking into expanding.  Cemetery office has agreed.  Presently have 100 grave sites available for sale.  If we expand we would build a new house on main street for retired priests, and then tear down the two old houses for the cemetery expansion.

11.  There will be a Calvert Interfaith Council meeting on Thursday, October 21.



1. Temporary lights on the field will be installed on Wednesday, October 20. Father Daly has some concerns.  Don Mueller asked if we want to have Charlie Russell return.  Decided it was not necessary unless problems arose.                                       

2.  Showers in the FLC.  Before a decision can be made more information is needed such

as cost estimate to install 6 showers, cost increases to liability insurance, maintenance and utilities.  Need to see what share of the installation cost CHW is willing to pay.  If we sign a 5 yr. contract with CHW, fee will be pro rated if contract is cancelled.  What other potential uses do we have for the showers besides this one week.

3.  Catholic Charities is closing.  Some activities, which will serve all churches

in Southern Maryland, will be continued by a new organization called Parish Partners. 

Two social workers(Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm) will be housed in the Casa Juan Diego Bldg.  However, they will be out in the field most of the time.



Bruce Brooks gave a report on Buildings and Grounds (copy attached). 

. Two issues remaining on projects done this past year are: (1) Improving the roofs on the

two houses to make them look better.  Jack Yatsko quoted a cost of approximately 4K to fix

them, and (2) Bringing the kitchen up to code and fixing the natural gas installation.  Steve

Watson is working with the contractor to correct the problems.  Father Daly will ask the Financial Council about the funds to fix the roofs.

.  Renovation and Enlargement of Vianney Room - Jack McFadden and Steve Watson think the Vianney Room renovation should include mechanical and air conditioning requirements to support the classrooms when they are built.  Steve Watson is meeting with the architect and his mechanical engineer to discuss mechanical requirements.  There was discussion regarding renovating the Vianney Room so that it could be used for classrooms also or just as a social hall and building separate classrooms.  Don Mueller brought up the fact that the Vianney Room does not include building separate classrooms as approved by the Pastoral Council at the April 20, 2010 meeting.  Michael Brooks made a motion to reaffirm the April 2010 decision for the Vianney Room and the motion was second by Miranda Jarnot.  Bruce Brooks amended the motion to include mechanical options.  The motion with amendment was approved unanimously by the Pastoral Council.

.  Fr. Daly stated that the project is now being called Parish Center Renovation.

He wants the formation of the Building Committee divided into three groups: (1) Finance/Fund Raising - Mark Heagy, (2) Usage and Design - contractor, Larry Donnally, Jan Pedone and Barbara Fallin, and (3) Engineering - Steve Watson and Jack McFadden.



1.  Our Lady Star of the Sea School has a high probability of closing.  Only have 137 students.  They are presently on the Consultation List along with 3 other Southern Maryland schools.  Need to raise $165K by the first of the year to continue this year, and need another $165K by June to open next year.  Does SJV want to become part of the regional systems to support the schools or just assist Our Lady Star of the Sea in raising money.  After some discussion Beth Rodenhaver made a motion that SJV get someone to speak at masses and have a poor box collection for three weeks.  The motion was seconded by Cathy Hogenson.  The Pastoral Council unanimously approved the motion.

2. Child Protection Policy - There was a brief discussion regarding our need to add something to our policy to make it better.  Dr. Brooks was asked to provide a review of the meeting held a few weeks ago and the Council was asked to think about possible changes for next months meeting.



Fr. Daly will not be going to Mexico in November.  Maybe next year.  Sending $1,000.



There was no further business.  Meeting adjourned at 9:10.