November 16, 2010



Father Daly, Don Mueller, Barbara Johnson, Patricia Dellar, Missy Haskins, Modesto Rivera, Bruce Brooks, Ed Kreahling, Miranda Jarnot, Bill Prochownik, Beth Rodenhaver, Mark Drager, Peggy Braham, Jolene Lauria-Sullens, Larry Donnelly, Mike Brooks, Chris

Wallmark, and Mark Heagy.



The meeting was called to order by Don Mueller (President) at 7:00.



Fr. Daly led the group in prayer and welcomed everyone.



Without objection, the minutes of the October 19, 2010 meeting were approved on a motion made by Michael Brooks and seconded by

Ed Kreahling.



1.  Archbishop Donald Wuerl will be elevated to Cardinal Wuerl this weekend.

2.  Fr. Daly described a problem with pre-school parents regarding Larry Robinson.  Parents of pre-school students that are not parishioners had not been notified.  Meeting was held with pre-school parents last Friday night and another meeting is scheduled for

November 29.  A letter has also been prepared to send out to all pre-school parents.  They also discussed their concerns of AA being in

the same building while class is being held.  Therefore, AA is moving to the Columbus Room in the Church basement.

3.  Parish Partners has begun.   Two part-time employees are setup  in the Casa Juan Diego Bldg..

4.  A parishioner has offer to help with the Hill Fund (previously around  $20K per year) which had been funded by Jack Hill.

5.  Fr. Daly wants to have a spiritual mission for Lent - requested Pastoral Council  think of what we want.                   

6.  Fr. Daly said he may have someone come and talk on NFP at a Sunday mass.

7.  The only death since last months meeting is Charles Blackburn (father of Peggy Braham and Diane Hayes).


COMMITTEE REPORT                 

Jolene Lauria-Sullens gave a report on Liturgy and Worship (copy attached).  The following issues were discussed:

.  Music - (1) Presently no music director for the Kids of Kingdom Choir.  Therefore, not having monthly masses.  Vanessa Hite, the previous director, will help with a Kids of Kingdom Choir for a Christmas mass. and (2) Need speakers on far side of alter for better sound (can=t be heard).  Fr. Daly asked for a price.

.  Lectors - (1) Concern about the 2011 changes to the Liturgy.  Fr. Daly noted that most of  the changes were for the priest, and  (2) Fr. Daly asked if Mr. Thomas had mentioned any problems with lectors preparing for readings.

. Eucharistic Ministers - (1) Trouble recruiting  - especially for the 11:15 mass.  May need to go back to 5 EM=s instead of the 7 presently being used.  Michael Brooks suggested that something be done to get new people to sign up at masses to help with ministries.  Fr. Daly will stress the importance of ministries and a card will be placed in the pews for sign up.  A sample card was shown and Ed Kreahling volunteered to design a card for our use.



1.  Lights on the Athletic Field are in (2 poles).  Fr. Daly said a switch will be installed on the poles that use tokens.  They will have to purchase the tokens ($20-$25) to use the lights.  After one year there will be a review.

2.  Vianney Room - Fr. Daly announced that Mark Drager has been asked to take charge of the Building Committee and will have

three sub-committees: Design and Use, Engineering and Construction, and Finance.  Mark Drager reported that the Mechanical Report has not yet been sent to the Architect for the site plan.   A meeting of the Design and Use Committee is scheduled for Thursday, November 18.   The Finance Committee has requested an estimate from Kirby and Smith for fund raising cost. 

3.  Catholic Heart Workcamp - No change from last month.  Fr. Daly asked Mark Drager to work with Joann Scanlan and get estimates needed  for the showers.



1.  Christmas Schedule: Christmas Eve - three masses: 5:00pm, 7:30pm and 10:00pm, Christmas Day - 10:00am.   There will not be a 5:30pm mass on Christmas day.   Bilingual mass will be held at the Christmas Day mass (10:00am).   Regular Sunday schedule (Dec 26).  New Year=s Schedule: New Year=s Eve - 5:30pm, New Year=s Day - 10:00am.  There will not be a 5:30pm mass on New Year=s Day.  Regular Sunday schedule (Jan 2).  Beth Rodenhaver asked if the Nursery could be open at the 5:00pm and 7:30pm masses.    Sandy Sullivan will be contacted to see if that will be possible.

2.  Fr. Daly brought up possibly changing the Summer mass schedule for June, July and August to only two masses on Sunday (9:00am and 11:00am).  Survey of parishioners will be done.  Larry Donnelly asked that change not be done until after the lst Sunday in June so that first breakfast can be held as normally done.



3.  March for Life Event - Meeting is scheduled on November 21st  to determined what we are doing.  Want to have a speaker and concert.

4.  Fr. Daly discussed a Memo of Understanding between Calvert Memorial Hospital and St. John Vianney for emergency operations in a natural disaster if hospital is knocked out.   They would pay damages done to our property and for utilities used.  Drills

with mobile units, generators, tents, staff and supplies would be done.  Questions raised: (a) How often will drills be held, (b) What facilities used,  (c) Who does the directing of the Emergency Command Center, (d) Will we have access to the church, (e) Why not use another facility such as old Armory Bldg, old Calvert Middle School, Calvert Cliff=s Emergency Operation Facility.  Fr. Daly will respond to the hospital to ask why they picked us and what  their present plan is.  He will also request a presentation.

5.  Raffles at FLC - Policy has already been established at the May 18, 2010 Pastoral Council.



1.  Don Mueller said that we have completed 60 homes in Nicaragua and have funds for 10 more.   He also sent some funds  to

help with the recent natural disaster there.  The Confirmation Class held a fund raiser and raised $15K.  This will build 6 more houses.

2.  Don Mueller announced that the Drama Ministry will be presenting ADrinking Habits@ on November 19, 20 and 21.



There was no further business.  Meeting adjourned at 9:00.