††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† February 15, 2011


Note: The next Pastoral Council meeting will be held March 15, 2011.



Fr. Daly, Don Mueller, Patricia Dellar, Larry Werfel, Bill Prochownik, Larry Donnelly, Maureen Cassidy, Chris Wallmark, Beth Rodenhaver, Mike Brooks and Bruce Brooks.



The meeting was called to order by Don Mueller (President) at 7:00.



Fr. Daly welcomed everyone and in lieu of opening prayer, he did a short bible study on scripture which is covered during daily mass throughout the year.



Without objection, the minutes of the January 18, 2011 meeting were approved on a motion by Don Mueller and seconded.



1.† Fr. Daly asked for prayers for deceased parishioner Earl Thompson and Ed Bauer (Our Lady Star of the Sea).

2.† Fr. Daly asked for prayers for sick parishioners: Jack and Jean Doran, Walter and Ethel Sands, Linda Sauls, Maria Lebark, Ed Noriega and Paula Muth.

3.† Fr. Daly and parishioners will be taking a trip to Mississippi/New Orleans.† This is for the 100th Anniversary of our sister parish in Mississippi.† Historical tours to New Orleans have also been added.

4.† Fr. Daly needs volunteers as mentors for the marriage preparation classes.† Married couples who volunteer should be in a stable marriage for at least 10 years.

5.† Fr. Daly will table the Lenten Mission this year.† We started† too late into getting someone to lead the mission.

6.† During Lent, confessions and classes on the Seven Lively Virtues will be on Wednesday night.† Stations of the Cross will be on Friday night.



1.† Signature has been acquired for sale of property (18 acres) to the ACLT and sale of† Transfer Development Rights (18) to a parishioner for $123,000.00.† $35,000.00 will be placed in a trust account and will not be used unless we purchase the Suburban Propane property.† The remainder, $88,000.00, will be used towards the renovation of the Parish Center.†

2.† Fr. Daly will discuss with the Finance Committee about beginning work on fund raising.† We need to start right after the Parish picnic, which will be held August 7th.† All fall activities need to be rescheduled.

3.† Because a couple of churches have dropped out of Safe Nights, St. John Vianney may need to host 2 weeks.† If a second week is needed, it will likely start on Christmas night and continue through New Years.† Tentatively, our guests will sleep in the church basement and meals will be served in the Family Life Center.† This may change.

4.† Fr. Daly has not decided whether to have a TV in the Festival Room.† He made the suggestion

that maybe we could add more pews in the church.† Also, it was suggested to have a camera at the baptismal font which will cover the whole church and can be removed after mass.† Don Mueller will get an estimate from Scott Vogan.

5.† The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from Calvert Memorial Hospital is a work in progress.† Joe Allman is negotiating with the hospital.† The agreement was prepared by the hospital and does not provide for damages, rent (if more than 2 weeks) or reimbursement for utilities.† This may never be used, but if so,

St. John Vianney needs more protection.



There was no committee report this month.† During the March meeting there will be two reports:

Social Concerns and Religious Education.



1.† Changes in the Mass will begin the 1st Sunday of Advent.† Since responses are changing, cards will be placed in the pews.†† Before changes are in effect, Chris Wallmark suggested some instruction classes would be helpful.

2.† Fr. Daly discussed the sale of the 16.8 acres off Arthur King Road.† Complaints were filed about illegal dumping and activity on the property.† Since some of the dumping created an environmental issue, it may be costly for clean-up.† Bill Prochownik is concerned about the illegal activity and would like to get officers to keep an eye on the property.† Mike Brooks is concerned about the liability this puts on St. John Vianney.† Fr. Daly suggested we may want to donate it to Calvert County to be used for activity fields.† Bruce Brooks made a motion that asks the Pastoral Council find out how much it would cost to clean up and how much the property is worth.† This motion was seconded by Larry Donnelly.† The motion was unanimously approved.

Bruce Brooks will lead the effort on the Councilís behalf.



1.† Fr. Daly said that EPS (Education for Parish Services) is closing.

2.† Parish Partners is in a pattern now.† Social worker is receiving several requests and making recommendations for us to follow up.† This will be added to the weekly bulletin.

3.† The Spanish liturgy is growing.† The average attendance† has grown to about 50.

4.† Fr. Daly discussed the first draft of the tri-fold card to be placed in the pews for visitors and new parishioners.

5.† Fr. Daly spoke about the young man who vandalized some items in the church.† He has decided not to file charges,† prosecute, or ask for any restitution.† He would like to see the young man receive some sort of help...maybe some sort of treatment program.

6.† 7† parishioners will be going to Nicaragua.† Generous donations (money and OTC medications) have been received and some doctors have donated medical supplies.

7.† Fr. Daly said they have started work for the permit to do the renovations on the Rectory.† The windows have already been replaced, but the re-wiring needs to be brought up to code and the plumbing will be fixed.



There was no further business.† Meeting adjourned at 8:55.