March 15, 2011


Note: The next Pastoral Council meeting will be held April 19, 2011.



Fr. Daly, Don Mueller, Barbara Johnson, Patricia Dellar, Bill Prochownik, Larry Donnelly, Maureen Cassidy, Chris Wallmark, Beth Rodenhaver, Mike Brooks, Mark Drager, Cathy Hogenson, Missy Haskins, Modesto Rivera, Jolene Lauria-Sullens, and Bruce Brooks.



The meeting was called to order by Don Mueller (President) at 7:00.



Fr. Daly welcomed everyone and led the group in opening prayers.



Without objection, the minutes of the February 15, 2011 meeting were approved on a motion by Mike Brooks and seconded by Cathy Hogenson.



1.  Fr. Daly asked for prayers for deceased parishioners Mae Taylor and Andy Andrewlevick and family of parishioners, Earl Harbin (step-father of George Sullivan), Joseph Pezzuti (uncle of Joanna Stinnett), and Thomas Paul Gallagher (father of Amy Chaffee).

2.  Fr. Daly asked for prayers for sick parishioners: Jack and Jean Doran, Walter and Ethel Sands, Linda Sauls, Maria Lebark, Ed Noriega, Paula Muth, Skip Ford, Edith Daly, and Jackie Mueller.

3.  Fr. Daly said we are still waiting for the drawings for the Fund Raising brochure.

4.  Fr. Daly said  the church porch is in need of repair.  He also wants to add a statue pedastle w/St. John Vianney on the porch.  He asked if the Pastoral Council thought we should include these costs in the fund raising for the Parish Center renovations or by other means such as selling bricks for the porch to parishioners (like the front of the church).  After discussion, a vote was taken in favor of fund raising including repairs and Phase 1 (Vianney Room).



1.  Beth Rodenhaver and Cathy Hogenson gave a report on Religious Education (attached) which covered CCD education, RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults), and Christian Beginnings Preschool.  Lists were submitted on items needed.   A discussion was held on how to get more people interested in the RCIA program.  We have 7 this year.  Fr. Daly talked about attrition of candidates staying in the church.  Fr. Daly talked about a program SJV use to have called Pathways which was a follow-up program for new members who have recently come into the church.  Fr. Daly said the best method  for RCIA recruiting is individual on individual.

2.  Reports on Evangelization and Social Concerns will be presented at the April meeting.



1.  Ed Kreahling is reworking the Information/Registration card to be placed in the pews.

2.  Mark Drager reported that SJV have the county permits needed to start construction except for the parking permit.  The sale of the Transfer Development Rights (TDR’s) has gone through.  Mark Drager reviewed a  Project Schedule outlining the following: Requests for Bids mid-May, Bid Proposals due mid- June, review with Archdiocese in August, and construction starting September 2011.

3.  Discussion was held regarding how to solicit pledges for renovation.

4.  Bruce Brooks gave an update on the Arthur King property.  He has requested an appraisal of the property, received two estimates for cleanup ($95K and $70K), had an earth berm installed to block access, and met with the Sheriff’s Office requesting more patrolling of the area.  Also, he

will be contacting several groups that may be interested in purchasing the property.



1.  Fr. Daly discussed increasing Bible Study groups in the parish.  A pitch will be made this Spring requesting host houses.  Sign up for participation in groups will be in the Fall.

2.  New Liturgy format will start 1st Sunday of Advent.  There will be cards in the pews with new responses, the missalettes in the pews  will be updated, talks will be given in September-November time frame, changes will be taught in CCD classes, and there will be an U-tube video on the church website.  Mike Brooks also suggested that it be published in the bulletin about a month ahead of time to let parishioners know it is changing.

3.  Church picnic will be held on Sunday, August 7.  Larry Donnelly and Don Mueller will coordinate food, Cathy Hogenson and Beth Rodenhaver volunteered to coordinate children activities, looking for a DJ, asking Drama Ministry to perform a play, and will request the Ladies Club to help in the kitchen with the food.



1.  Fr. Daly and Don Mueller showed a diagram of land purchased in Nicaragua for a subdivision of 55 lots to build houses and a chapel/community building.  Lots are about 1/8 acre each and will have a house, shed and outhouse.

2.  Fr. Daly asked about collecting funds to help Japan.  We will take up a collection at a Sunday mass.  Fr. Daly will find a Catholic organization in Japan to send the funds to.



There was no further business.  Meeting adjourned at 9:15.