May 18, 2011


Note: The next Pastoral Council meeting will be held June 14, 2011.



Fr. Daly, Don Mueller, Barbara Johnson, Patricia Dellar, Bill Prochownik, Larry Donnelly, Maureen Cassidy, Chris Wallmark, Mike Brooks, Mark Drager, Cathy Hogenson, Jolene Lauria-Sullens, Larry Werfel, Mark Heagy, and Bruce Brooks.



The meeting was called to order by Don Mueller (President) at 7:08.



Fr. Daly welcomed everyone and led the group in opening prayers.



Without objection, the minutes of the March 15, 2011 meeting were approved on a motion by Mike Brooks and seconded by Bill Prochownik.



1.  Fr. Daly asked for prayers for deceased parishioners Hannah Schmidt, Sean Brooks, Ricky Lasky and Eduardo Noriega and family of parishioners, Irene Chrzanowski (aunt of Deacon Ed) and Rhonda Charest (daughter of Lynda Bowman).

2.  Fr. Daly asked for prayers for sick parishioners: Jack and Jean Doran, Walter and Ethel Sands, Linda Sauls,  Paula Muth, and Skip Ford.

3.  Pre-school graduation is scheduled for May 27.  Next years pre-school is fully subscribed.

4.  Fr. Daly said SJV did not meet  their  Cardinal’s  Appeal goal of $77K. We only raised $62K.  Father will address matter at Sunday’s mass.

5.  SJV will not be sending  youths to the World Day.  Not enough interest.  Allie and a few other will be going.

6.  Good Samaritans is reviving somewhat.  Providing meals to families who have someone sick and the card ministry continues.

6.  Confirmation will be held this Friday on May 20th.   Forty individuals will be confirmed by   Bishop Gonzales.

7.  Father Daly said he preached at the Jubilee on Tuesday, May 19, 2011.  This was a great honor.



1.   The report on Evangelization was not given.  Don Mueller will send out the written report prepared by Miranda Jarnot.

2.  Social Concerns - Ed Kreahling was not present to give report.  It was also announced that

Ed is resigning from the Pastoral Council due to business conflicts.  Jolene Lauria-Sullens

volunteer to do a report on Social Concerns and present at the first meeting in the Fall.

3.  Mark Heagy gave a report on Hospitality (report attached).  The following concerns were noted: (a)  Need coordinator for getting ushers for special masses, (b) Need better coordination for attendance at Newcomers Dinner, and (c)   Lack of donations for hospitality and procedure for

depositing funds after mass.



Arthur King Road property - Bruce Brooks reported that the Calvert Soccer Association wants to purchase the 16.99 acre property for $100K as is (they will pay to clean up).  There is a question

regarding a 1/10th portion on the property in a survey that COA did.  A title search is being done

to resolve the matter.  The sale has been approved by the Archdiocese and they will receive the money less our expenses.



l.  Fr. Daly said that there is a $36K deficit.  He will send our proposed budget for next year so that the Pastoral Council can review it for possible cuts.  Need to get weekly contributions up.  Need to get parishioners to increase weekly contributions by $5. 

2.  Mark Drager gave a status report on Parish Center renovation.  Architectural drawings are drafted, County approvals almost complete, Committees have been holding meetings, Specifications needed for the AC is being prepared..  Hope to break ground September 2011.  Diocese approval meeting needed.

3.  Reviewed cost items for Parish Center.  We have $450K and need to raise $150K to start.

4.  Discussed fund raising options.  A motion was made to have a capital campaign for $800K for

Phase 1 renovations by Michael Brooks and second by Jolene Lauria-Sullens.  Motion was approved by the Pastoral Council.   There was a motions to have pledge requests at three different

levels.  This was approved by the Pastoral Council.

5.  There will be an informational meeting on Sunday, June 19 at 1:00 PM showing design, tape layout, pledge table and a brochure.  Information will be put on SJV website and brochures and e-mails will be sent.

6.  Discussion was held on entertainment for the Parish Picnic on August 7 - talent show or play.

7.  Father Daly said he has been making contacts for a 2012 Lenten Mission.

8.  Jolene Lauria-Sullens asked that there be a structured procedure for promoting various charities that parishioners are involved in.  Just to let people know what is going on.  Could

post on bulletin board or post of SJV website.  Charities must meet teachings of Catholic Church.

Jolene will co-ordinate effort and bring request to Pastoral Council for approval.






1.  There will be a 25th anniversary celebration of Father Daly’s ordination into priesthood on June 26, 2011 at 5:00 PM in the FLC.

2.  Don Mueller and Daryl Anne will be participating in a prison ministry this Thursday through Sunday in Virginia.  He asked for prayers.



There was no further business.  Meeting adjourned at 9:13.