June 14, 2011


Note: The next Pastoral Council meeting will be held September 2011.



Fr. Daly, Don Mueller, Barbara Johnson, Patricia Dellar, Bill Prochownik, Larry Donnelly, Maureen Cassidy,  Mike Brooks, Mark Drager, Cathy Hogenson,  Mark Heagy,  Bruce Brooks.

Beth Rodenhaver, Miranda Jarnot, Modesto Rivera, Joe Allman, Linda Lapera, Pat Yatsko, Mike

Redshaw, Jan Messick-Hobbs, and Deborah Kreahling..



The meeting was called to order by Don Mueller (President) at 7:05.



Fr. Daly welcomed everyone and led the group in opening prayers.



Without objection, the minutes of the May 18, 2011 meeting were approved on a motion by Mike Brooks and seconded by Cathy Hogenson.



1.  Fr. Daly asked for prayers for deceased parishioners Joyce Fredge and Eduardo Noriega.

2.  Fr. Daly asked for prayers for sick parishioners: Jack and Jean Doran, Walter and Ethel Sands, Linda Sauls,  Paula Muth, and Skip Ford.

3.  Fr. Daly said that  Confirmation went well on May 20th with forty individuals being confirmed.

4.  Fr. Daly announced that two pastors will be leaving Calvert County.  Fr. Dan Leary of Divine Word is being transferred to St. Andrew the Apostle in Silver Spring.   He will be replaced by   Fr. Lawrence Swink.   Fr. Gardiner of Our Lady is retiring and moving to Florida.  His replacement will be Msgr. Michael Wilson.   Both will be greatly missed.

5.  Fr. Daly is forming three committees and asked for volunteers: (1) Spiritual Renewal - Missy Haskins, Pat Yatsko and Fr. Daly; (2) Food Pantry Study (in Prince Frederick) - Larry Donnelly, Mike Redshaw and Miranda Jarnot; and  (3) Capital Campaign  - Linda Lipera, Jan Messick-Hobbs, and Maureen Cassidy.

6.  Fr. Daly asked about nominations and selection of new Pastoral Council members.  Five new

members are needed to replace the four  who’s terms have expired and Ed Kreahling who resigned.  Nominations will be on the weekend of June 18/19 and selection will be on July 17.

7.  Russ Spaulding and Steve Kupka will be leading Adult Education in the Fall.  They are planning classses based on Global Theology and Tour of the Scriptures.



 The report on Evangelization  prepared by Miranda Jarnot was distributed for review.  The report will be discussed at the September 2011 meeting.



A review of the FY2011-2012 budget was conducted with the following items discussed.

1.  There is a deficit of $39,870 that needs to be addressed. 

2.  Joe Allman gave a brief review and explained what Restricted Funds are and what they can be used for.  He also said we presently have $207K in reserve that we could use for the deficit or we could borrow the money to cover items.

3.  Reviewed proposed Capital Projects submitted for next year.

4.  Discussed the need to increase weekly collections by $25K next year.

5.  Fr. Daly discussed our lost revenues and our increased expenses.

6.  Discussed renewing the Green/Energy Savings Committee to study conservation.  Mark Drager volunteered to lead this effort.

7.  Since a major problem is the increase in utilities a suggestion was made to include a Utility

envelope in the monthly envelope packets to parishioners so they could make a designated donation.

8.  Fr. Daly discussed having a fundraiser  to cover deficit such as Cow Chip Bingo.  This was

very successful in the past.   A vote was taken and it was decided  to have a fundraiser to cover deficit of $39,800 instead of borrowing money, taking from savings or making further cuts in the proposed budget.  To balance the budget, Joe Allman will add a line item Fundraiser  under Revenue.



Don Mueller reminded everyone of the  25th anniversary celebration of Father Daly’s ordination into priesthood being held  June 26, 2011 at 5:00 PM in the FLC.



There was no further business.  Meeting adjourned at 9:23.