September 21, 2011


Note: Next monthly meeting will be held October 18, 2011



Fr. Daly, Don Mueller, Barbara Johnson, Patricia Dellar, Rocky Ragano, Missy Haskins, Carolyn Smithburger, Cathy Hogenson, Miranda Jarnot, Mark Heagy, Mark Drager, Maureen Cassidy, Jack Yatsko, Larry Donnelly, Chris Wallmark, Albert Perpuse, and Bill Prochownik,



The meeting was called to order by Don Mueller at 7:05.



Fr. Daly led the group in prayer and welcomed everyone.  Introduction

of members.



The following officers were voted in for 2011-2012: Don Mueller as President, Mark Drager as Vice President, and Barbara Johnson as Secretary.



Spiritual Renewal - Missy Haskins & Fr. Daly (October),  Family Life - Carolyn Smithburger (November), Social Concerns - Patricia Dellar (January), Evangelization - Chis Wallmark (February), Religious Education - Albert Perpuse (March) , Liturgy and Worship - Maureen Cassidy (April), Hospitality - Larry Donnelly (May). 



Without objection, the minutes of the June 14, 2011, meeting were approved on a motion made by Larry Donnelly and seconded by Mark Drager.



1.  Fr. Daly asked for prayers for sick parishioners Jack and Jean Doran, Walter and Ethel Sands, Linda Sauls, Skip Ford, Joe Daigle, Earl Thorne, Nancy Smallwood, Charlene Sparrow, Paula Muth, Beth Bodine, and Mark Annee.

2.  Fr. Daly asked for prayers for deceased parishioner Arlene Stackley and family of parishioners, Glenn Myers (father of Bob Myers), Alice Jordon (mother of Petie Hance), Mary Saccardi (mother of Mary Blayney & Anne Kempster), Robert Heydt (father of Linda Ward), Mary Frances Pyles (sister of Barbara Johnson), Rose Sarsfield (mother of Kathy Trott-Craft), and Agapito Nunez (father of Rosa Ortiz).

3.  Fr. Daly reported on his Belgium trip visiting the Brothers of Charity.  In Belgium 80% of the kids attend Catholic schools.  Government pays for schools. 85% of the people in Belgium are Catholic.  They asked Fr. Daly over to discuss a project they are starting in Washington and wanted Fr. Daly to help.  Their project is a home for homeless Veterans with mental illness.  They will be using the old Holy Redeemer school.

4.  Fr. Daly said he would like to start a bulletin board in the Festival Room with pictures of babies baptized, couples married and parishioners who have died during the year.  Year will go from November to October.

5.  Allie Levitas has moved to Ohio and is engaged.  Fr. Daly will be holding a Youth Group Ministry meeting on 9/22/11 to see how youth group functions will continue using volunteer coordinators for each function: body and chastity, work camp, special events, etc.

6.  Peggy and Eduardo Braham moved into the house in lieu of her salary.  They will pay the utilities.  This will help with the church’s deficit.

7.  The Knights will be saying Rosary in the church the 4th Wednesday each month at 7:00 pm.

8.  Adult Education will begin on Wednesday, 9/28/11, 7:30-9:00.  The Fall sessions (10) will be on Catholicism by Fr. Robert Barron.  The Spring sessions will be on the Scriptures.



1.  The Arthur King Road property will be purchased by the Calvert Soccer Association for $100K and should be settled soon.  They will be responsible for cleaning the property.  To clear title we paid the adjoining property owner $6,700.  After fees we will clear about $85K. Fr. Daly has applied to the Archdiocese to use that money for renovations to the Vianney Room.

3.  Don Mueller thanked everyone who worked on the picnic.  The food was delicious and the picnic was very successful.

4.  FOOD BANK - Jack Yatsko and Larry Donnelly gave a presentation on the progress

of establishing a Food Bank in Prince Frederick.  The basement of 440 Main Street

will be used.  Shelving and lighting is being installed.  Food Bank will be self

sufficient with donated money and food drives.  No Church funds will used.  Would like to open in October and be open two days a month to start.  Will be operated by volunteers.  A motion was made by Larry Donnelly to open a Food Bank at SJV, seconded by Don Mueller. The motion was unanimously approved by the Pastoral Council.

5.  Mark Drager gave an update on the Vianney Room renovation.  The RFP is out (sent to 4 contractors - need to be on the Archdiocese’s approved list).  Site inspection will be on 9/22 and bids are due 9/29/11.  Review will be until 10/11/11, contract award on 10/18 and plan to start construction the week of 10/24 with completion in April 2012. County review is complete and permits have been issued.  Archdiocese has approved the renovation and for us to borrow $175K.  Discussion on selection criteria was held and who will review bids.  Architect will review along will Design and Engineering Committee members.  Rocky Ragano will also participate in review.   Fr. Daly described some of the features of the new space.  Design Committee still needs to finalized details, i.e. color selections, etc.  The Finance Committee is working on the brochure to send out to parishioners showing building and a card to make a pledge.  Contacts will be made to parishioners if needed. 



- A FLC Fundraiser will be held in March 2012 to cover their deficit.  It will be a

St. Patrick Irish Pong.  Each square will be $10 and there will be 5000 squares.  Money prizes will be given.  There will be food and music and they hope to clear $40K.



1. Don Mueller distributed Pastoral Council Guidelines to the new members and told them to call him with any agenda items they would like to discuss at the meetings.

2.  Fr. Daly announced that the Financial Council meetings have changed to the 2nd Tuesday of the month.


CLOSING PRAYER AND ADJOURNMENT                                                   

There was no further business.  Meeting adjourned at 9:15.