October 18, 2011


Note: Next monthly meeting will be held November 15, 2011



Fr. Pete Alliata, Don Mueller, Barbara Johnson, Patricia Dellar, Rocky Ragano,  Carolyn Smithburger, Cathy Hogenson, Miranda Jarnot, Mark Heagy, Mark Drager, Maureen Cassidy, Jack Yatsko, Larry Donnelly, Albert Perpuse, Beth Rodenhaver and Bill Prochownik,



The meeting was called to order by Don Mueller (President) at 7:05.



Fr. Alliata led the group in prayer and welcomed everyone.



Without objection, the minutes of the September 21, 2011, meeting were approved on a motion made by Beth Rodenhaver and seconded by Mark Heagy.



1.  Fr. Alliata asked for prayers for sick parishioners: Fr. Daly, Jack and Jean Doran, Walter and Ethel Sands, Linda Sauls, Skip Ford, Joe Daigle, Earl Thorne, Nancy Smallwood, Charlene Sparrow, Paula Muth, Beth Bodine, and Mark Annee.

2.  Fr. Alliata asked for prayers for parishioners’ deceased family member Agapito Nunez (father of Rosa Ortiz).

3.  Fr. Alliata will be filling in (with some assistance) during Fr. Daly’s absence.

The Archdiocese will send a letter to officially place him in charge.



Missy Haskins was not present due to her father’s illness and, therefore, the report

on Spiritual Renewal was not given.  Bill Prochownik reported that Deacon Ed and himself are working on a three day Lenten Retreat with priests of the Blessed Trinity.  Retreat will probably be held in the evening on a Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.



1.  FOOD BANK - Jack Yatsko and Larry Donnelly gave an update on the St. John Vianney

Inter-Faith Food Pantry.  Two refrigerators  have been installed. Painting and new lighting have also been completed.  They visited the food pantry in the Industrial Park. They will be contacting participating churches for food drives.  Initially food pantry  will start on November 9, and operate from 3 to 7 pm on second and fourth Wednesdays.  Plan to expand to weekly operation beginning February 2012.  Will be using funds from the Poor Box the 1st weekend of each month, and there will be a food drive the 1st  weekend each month.  Notice will be in the bulletin each month stating what types of foods are needed. Donations can be made to SJV designated Food Pantry.

2.  Mark Drager gave an update on the Vianney Room renovation. Proposals have been

evaluated and Dennis Anderson Construction Corporation of Waldorf, Md. was selected and forwarded to the Archdiocese for approval.  Pre-construction meeting scheduled for October 27.  Plan to start construction in November with completion mid-March 2012.  They will start the addition first and then the renovation of existing building.  Linda Lapera is working on the brochure for the fund raiser mailings and Bill Prochownik has signing approval in Fr. Daly’s absence (8 weeks).  Construction trailer is being set up on the grassy area and will be blocked off by fencing.  To start construction we will be using our Reserve Funds. 



- Darrell Ahne and Don Mueller will be participating in a Prison Ministry on November 9-13.  They need 80 dozen cookies (chocolate chip, sugar or oatmeal) by November 7/8. Can be dropped off in the Office.



1. Fr. Daly had a ticket for the hospital benefit in November.  If interested contact Mike.

2.  A rosary will be said for Fr. Daly Wednesday morning at 8:00 in the church.

3.  Bill Prochownik said that on Sunday, October 23 at 10:00 Joe Mills and Jim Caldwell will be installed as acolytes, the next level of the Diaconate program.

4.  Next month’s committee report will be Family Concerns presented by Carolyn Smithburger.


CLOSING PRAYER AND ADJOURNMENT                                                   

There was no further business.  Meeting adjourned at 7:50.