Christian Beginnings Preschool of St.John Vianney


   Christian Beginnings Preschool has received the approval of the Maryland State Department of Education. The children receive age appropriate instruction in the areas of reading readiness, science, mathematics, social studies, and religion.

  Our preschool curriculum is not based on a structured format with heavy emphasis on the basics of a formal education. Instead, it uses the children's natural, spontaneous interests from which the basic learning skills can then be interjected and reinforced in an environment that the children find interesting and stimulating. This process draws upon the children's many first hand experiences in the areas of sensory motor activities, gross motor activities, social skills, manipulative play, and creative play in which to expand their horizons. It offers the children opportunities to learn about things in which they show an interest. The teacher takes advantage of the many opportunities that develop to reinforce and expand upon the children's learning process. By expanding upon their interests, a tremendous amount of basic information is acquired. This information serves as the foundation for the child's learning in later school years.


The Preschool Program


   The three year old program emphasizes learning through play and social relationships with other children. The student/teacher ratio is a maximum of twelve students to one teacher and one associate teacher.

   The four year old program expands upon the three year old program in a more structured environment, but still uses the children's interests as the basis for their learning experiences. The student/teacher ratio is a maximum of fourteen students to one teacher and one associate teacher.

   Before the beginning of each school year, the teacher will set up an individual time at the school with the parents and child to acquaint the child with the teacher, the associate teacher, and the school surroundings.


3 Year Old
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4 Year Old
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Hours of Operation

    For 2015/16 we will offer only morning classes for both levels.

    The three year old program takes place on Tuesday and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. until Noon.

    The four year old program takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. until Noon.



School Song

(Tune: Up on the Housetop)

At Christian Beginnings we have fun

Lots of fun for everyone

This is the only place for me

Come and visit and you’ll see


We have fun, we all pray

We learn about Jesus every day

At Christian Beginnings we have fun

There’s lots to do for everyone





Entrance Requirements

   Our preschool is open to the public.   All children must :

       Have reached class age by September 1st of the year they are enrolled

       Be toilet trained and able to care for themselves in the bathroom


To contact us


The Director is Mrs. Marie Chrzanowski, telephone number (410) 586-2151. The preschool is located at the St. John Vianney Parish Center. The mailing address is 105 Vianney Lane, Prince Frederick, MD. 20678. Telephone number for the parish center is: (410) 535-0223.


Teaching Staff

All of our teachers have at least a Bachelor's degree.

  4 year old class :  Mrs. Rose Thompson

Associate teacher: Mrs. Terry Lewis

3 year old class :  Mrs. Rose Thompson

Associate teacher:  Mrs. Tirzah Somers




   Our philosophy is that children will begin to see God in their world and in others while having fun in a joyous Christian setting. A positive atmosphere will be provided to allow for the development of socialization skills and sharing techniques. The children will receive age appropriate instruction in the areas of reading readiness, science, social studies, math and religion.



Religious Instruction


   We cover basic concepts of Christianity on a level geared toward three and four year olds. Our curriculum for religious instruction is based upon guidelines set by the Archdiocese of Washington. We will teach simple prayers and songs and cover Catholic holidays. Children will learn Catholic customs such as the sign of the cross, grace before meals, and other practices deemed appropriate. We use the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies - which is a lectionary-based curriculum. It is based on the Sunday Gospel. Each child will receive a pamphlet each week with Parent Notes to help you reinforce the program.



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