Calvert County Ultreya Group Reunions

As of June 3, 2010


Peter E Abresch 1 6:30 AM every other Friday     Group is open

            Dewey Pleake

            Joe Stein

            Dan Muth

            TP Voegtli

            Jack Yatsko


Peter E, Abresch 2 After 8AM mass, every other Friday

            Don Mueller

            Bill Prochownik

            Jim Moran

            Bruce Brooks

            Gene Mastrangelo


Nancy Mattingly   every other Tuesday 12:00 noon Upper Marlboro (new members welcome)

            Marc Abresch

            Toni Abresch


      Meet 1st and 3rd Thursday  5:45 PM SJV Church basement  Nursery

            Sandy Sullivan,  co-leader

            Sharon Robinson, co-leader

            Toni Abresch

            Gwen Haigwood

            Rita Leclerc

            Dot Stein

            Gisela Victoria         May be open to new members


   Meet Sunday afternoon @ 5pm in SJV church basement.  Open to new members.

            Diane Hayes   443-975-723

            Mary Blayney                           Needs to go on Cursillo

            Richard Hayes

            Ruth Lauderbaugh

            Joe Zaversnik                           Needs to go on Cursillo

            Mary Ann Zaversnik


Every two weeks on Friday morning 8'ish,  sometimes a Monday early afternoon

            Mary Posey

            Virginia Bauer

            Cheryl Ware                 Open to another person or two.


Jim/Ginger Caldwell     Every other Friday in the Festival Room at 4:30 p.m.

            Ed/Nancy Waskiewicz.

            Pat Burley

            Joe Mills

            Glenette Fitzmyer

            Judy Foist

            Betty Hodges

            Nancy Mattingly

            Terry Fincham

            Kait Hanlon        (has not attended a weekend)

            Darryl Kupper

            Claire McFarland (occasionally)

            Group is already quite large, but we welcome new people while they're trying to get their own group going.


Impromptu dinner group at various restaurants,  every month or so on a Friday night.

            Jim Caldwell

            Elroy McLeod (occasionally)

            Joe Mills

            Ed Waskiewicz

            Doug Wood


Stefan Abresch.  (410-474-2996)   Saturdays after the 8 AM Mass at Jesus the Good Shepherd.

            Mike Downey

            Joe Pilkington

            Pat Duffy


Every two weeks on Friday morning 8'ish,  sometimes a Monday early afternoon

            Mary Posey

            Virginia Bauer

            Cheryl Ware                 Open to another person or two.


Every other Tuesday 12:30 p.m. @ SJV Vianney Library

          Annemarie Abresch     410-535-9266

          Pat Yatsko

          Barbara Johnson

          Marlene Goodwin

          Mercedes Sasser

          Jan Pedone

          Janice Stanton


Every other Thursday , 5:30 PM at Arby's (Dunkirk) Not Open?

            Sue Baczynski

            Cathy Cohan

            Dan Cohan

            Pam Howard


 4:30 in the afternoon.  We take turns at each other homes.  We try to meet at least once a month.

            Cassie Garcia

            Joe Garcia

            Jack McFadden

            Gail McFadden

            Carlos Victoria

            Gisela Victoria

            Joe Mihalcikj

            Trudy Mihalcikj


We meet the 2nd & 4th Thursday evenings 7:30pm at the Family Life Center.

            Maury Mattingly, coordinator

            George Sullivan

            John Thorp

            Jim Stinnett

            Andy Glasgow

            Maurice Erly

            Russell Robertson

            John Hayden

            Scott Vogan

            Darrell Kupper

            Walt Sands (when available)


Wednesday @ 6-7 PM at the FLC

     Gloria Burley

     Jan Pedone

     Barbara Moran

     Cheryl Pilkington

     Christa Smallwood

     Nancy Smallwood


Meeting at Bob Evans

    Marlene Goodman

    Janet Sherbert

    Mercedes Sassor



            Below are is an old listing of groups that may no longer meet.


Every               5pm                 Gazebo or                    Mercedes Sasser

Other                                       Crying Room                Janet Sherbert, Marlene Goodwin

Monday                                   Jesus Good



2nd &                8pm                 Various homes  Charles Smallwood, John Barth

4th Tuesday                                                                  John Silcox, Corney deBruyn, Tom

                                                                                     John Miles, and Mel Sherbert


1st Tuesday**   7:30pm Kitchen, Jesus the         Phil Cropper, Roy Distad, Stan

Good Shepherd            Nissan, Janet Sherbert, Judy

                                                                                    Granades, Jack DeGrange


Tuesdays**      5pm                 St. John Vianney           Agnes Grayson, Kathy Dufresne

                                                Parish Center                Peggy Blackburn, Dolores Morgan

                                                                                    Joanne Spielman


4th Thursday**8am                   Jesus the Good Mildred Stubbs, Jean Mensch,

After daily        Shepherd                      Lorraine Boccabella, Helen      

Mass                                                    Hutchinson


Tuesdays**      6pm                 St. John Vianney           Cheryl Veon, Vicki DeWaters

                                                Parish Center              Linda Vaulina


2nd & 4th           after 8am          JGS                              Jean Fitzpatrick, Mary Donalson,

Saturday           Mass                                                    Cathy Martinelli, Joyce Guido


Every               After 8am         Jesus Divine                  Rob & Barb Sullivan, Peggy Arnold

Wednesday      Mass                Word                           Rob Cross, Jean Fitzpatrick,

                                                                                    Tracy Smith