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What is a Cursillo Weekend

Cursillo Weekend Information

 Most of us have questions about what the weekend is like and how long it lasts.  Your sponsor is a good person to talk with about these questions.  There are no secrets about the weekend but there should be some good “surprises”. If you do not yet have a sponsor, one way to learn a little more about Cursillo is to ask someone you know who has attended a Cursillo Weekend to take you to an Ultreya.  Ultreya is a gathering of people from small prayer groups who have been to Cursillo.  They meet on a regular basis to support each other through prayer, study and action as active Christians.  Our Calvert Ultreya meets on the second Monday of each month at St. John Vianney Catholic Church in Prince Frederick.  Doing this, will enable you to meet other Cursillistas in your area and give you an idea of the flavor of a weekend.

 The weekend begins On Thursday evening at 7:00 PM at the Josephite Center in Washington, DC.  Your Sponsor will provide your transportation to and from the weekend.  Please plan to leave early enough in the afternoon to stop and have dinner with you sponsor and arrive on time at the Ultreya.  Then relax.  You will have to do nothing else except participate in the weekend.  The weekend will end late Sunday afternoon.  You can expect to be home after dinner Sunday evening. 

 Bring comfortable clothing appropriate to the season.  Dress is casual.  Bedding, washcloths, pillows, and towels will be provided.  You are requested to leave home your watches, cell phones, pagers, and other distractions.  One Cursillo Team member will have a cell phone for emergency use and will have a list of emergency numbers provided by attendees. 

 After the weekend you will enter your Fourth Day, which is the rest of your life.  You will be encouraged and invited to join the existing community of persons who have also experienced the weekend.  This is accomplished by joining an existing Small Group or by forming a new one, and by attending the monthly Ultreya.  The idea is to give strength and support to each other in order to grow in faith. 


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